#HauteHits: She's a Knockout


"Mama said knock you out."

- LL Cool J

There's something especially empowering about a good boxing class. Letting it all out on the bag, recognizing the power of your body, getting in the zone, it all combines to help us hold our heads a little higher and stand a little taller once it's all over. We feel there's a specific groove that goes along with a good session with the bag. The grittier the music, the better. We've tried to capture that feeling in this month's playlist. 

The playlist was also inspired by the many sessions we've had with one of our faves, Deja Riley. Deja is the co-founder of BoxUnion in Santa Monica. Watching her Instagram story, hearing her start each day with, "Good Morning, beautiful people," and the energy that comes through her morning dance breaks has become one way we start our day. Her energy is infectious! Make sure you follow her for an extra daily dose of inspiration.  

#FinesseTip: Download the Nike Training Club app. It takes the stress out of trying to figure out what workout you should do for your solo gym sessions. Give the "Boxer Arms" workout a try with our "She's a Knockout" playlist bumping in the background. We promise your stems will be burning by the end.