Fitness Fashion Experience: Matching Sets

How much do you think about what you put on to run to the gym?  There is a well-known quote, “If you look good, you feel good.” But, did you know there may be some science behind that phrase?  Enter “Enclothed Cognition,” a term, based on a 2012 study, used to describe how clothes can create a mental shift in how someone experiences an activity.  With fitness playing as large of a role as it does in our lifestyles, this got us wondering, how does enclothed cognition affect our experiences at the gym?

We’ve definitely gone from “just give me function” to “I want to look good, too!” and we’re not alone. As the fitness industry continues to grow, so does the active and athleisure markets. The Athleisure sector has increased 42% in last seven years reaching the total market worth $270 billion, according to Morgan Stanley. It’s amazing that something as simple as a “She Who Dares” graphic tee from Old Navy or those super cute Kelly Rowland leggings from Fabletics can make a difference between a good workout and great workout.

Last year, we shared a few of our favorite fitness apparel companies, but let’s be real navigating can at times be overwhelming. What brands can truly stand the test of a tough workout? Which ones truly fit diverse, curvy, athletic body types? Is that brand that keeps popping up on my Instagram feed really worth ordering from? WHY IN THE WORLD would I pay $100+ for clothing I’m going to sweat in? We’ve asked all these questions and more, and we are excited to begin bringing you more content about our favorite brands and why we love them.


So we did a little experiment, “how can we employ enclothed cognition at 4:30 in the morning?” Yes, we both tend to hit the gym for one reason or another that early in the morning. But don’t worry we’re aren’t rolling up to the gym in a full face of make-up and hair perfectly curled. That’s not why we go workout. However, instead of grabbing the first thing at the top of the pile, we decided to try a cute matching set. Also, grabbing something already coordinated for us can allows for those extra 5 minutes of sleep. So what brand did we try?

Fit with Finesse Fave: Fabletics!

If you follow either of us on social, you’ve seen us talk about Fabletics. Yes, we are brand fans. Their PowerHold and Mila High-Waist Pocket Capri tights are not only high-waist, but they don’t slip or roll down during your workout. They are also thicccc. Maybe the “ccc” is a little extra, but the thick material helps keep everything tight and supported. This is great for when we are lifting heavy or jumping through a cardio session. The pockets also come in handy when you are on an outdoor run (need somewhere to store those keys), or you teach (drop that mic right along your side and keep it kicking).

Another reason we love the brand, they aren’t afraid to go bold with colors and patterns. When you are talking about two Leos, of course we are going to go big, bright and bold, even at 4:30 in the morning!. But you tell us…


Would You Rock It?