The Celery Challenge!


February was quite the month, so I definitely wanted to start March on a healthier note. I am all for a good experiment, so I decided to try the “celery challenge” for the entire month. I learned about the challenge from my best friend, who I consider to be the juicing queen. On a recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of having her homemade juices for a couple of days, and I felt amazing! When I came back to LA, I wanted to keep the feeling going, so I decided to give this celery craze a try.

What is the celery challenge?

The celery challenge was made popular by a man named Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. According to Anthony, in removing the fiber and putting celery through a juicer, you're getting access to something called cluster salts, which help flush toxins from the liver.

If you're going to drink celery juice, it needs to be first thing in the morning, and it needs to be juiced. I can be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to all the “magical benefits” of juicing since it takes all the fiber and some of the nutrients out of the produce you are consuming, but celery is different.Thus, it needs to be consumed on an empty stomach.

The benefits of celery juice reportedly include lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation. I’m only seven days into the challenges, but I already feel different, here are a few tips and takeaways:


Tip: Drink it cold:

So celery juice tastes like, well celery. If you aren’t a fan, it might be hard to get the first cup down. I like celery, but it’s by no means my favorite vegetable. I found adding a few ice cubes or using celery that’s been in a refrigerator, definitely helps get it down the hatch. You can expect to have a little salty taste, so if you think you are about to get something sweet. Think again!

Flatter Stomach

This might be TMI, but we’re friends, right? Although I work out like crazy, I bloat easy! Seriously, it’s a running joke with friends when it comes to eating and going out, but that’s another story. After a week on this challenge, I noticed that I’m waking up with a flat stomach, but maintaining it throughout the day. A welcomed change!

It reduced my cravings.

Oddly enough, after drinking my 16 oz. celery juice, I feel satiated. I want to follow it up with something just as healthy and not just reach for anything out of habit.

I still have three more weeks to go, but so far the results are totally worth giving a try. Have you tried the celery juice challenge? Leave us a comment below!

Love & Light,