SpeedPlay: Go!

Downtown LA has a lot of great studios springing up, so when we saw Speedplay LA in the neighborhood, we knew we had to try it. Speedplay is high-intensity interval training that focuses on running, rowing, and floor work. Boasting an average 900 calorie burn, we left this challenging, yet effective, workout dripping in glorious sweat.

This 60-minute class is broken up into sections ranging from 4 - 12 minutes, making getting through attainable for all fitness levels. Also, you work as a team throughout the circuits, so you naturally are pushing each other without even trying. There something to be said when you are trying to finish a workout together.

No matter your goals Speedplay offers a variety of classes to help you reach them:

Speedplay 60: their signature 60-minute class including rowing, running, and floor work. They also provide this class as Speedplay 45, a shorter, 45-minute, but still an effective class.

Speedplay Strength is their full-body workout, focused on strength training and lifting heavy, and also a personal favorite.

Speedplay + glutes is their r signature class, but with a legs and glutes focus.

Speedplay + abs is their signature class, but with a core focus.

What we love most about the class is the focus on proper form and injury prevention. Running is done a Woodway Curve: a non-motorized treadmill, where you control the speed. While this treadmill takes little getting use too, it’s definitely was more comfortable on the joints.

Check them out at http://speedplayla.com/.

The Workout: Speedplay

Sweat Level
 💦💦💦💦of 5
Gear Needed?
No Gear Needed.

Studio Vibe:
If you like to rock out, you’ll love these playlists

Who to Bring?
Your friend who loves to push themselves to the limit

Would You Double Tap That?
For sure! Their classes are designed to keep your body guessing

Finesse Tip: For your first class, we highly recommend taking a class with the co-founder and lead trainer Xavier Quimbo. Not only is he the most graceful instructor we’ve ever seen, he’s attentive to each person in the class.

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