YOGAqua: Catch My Wave


We have taken many yoga classes over the years, and YOGAqua was one of the most challenging, yet peaceful, experiences we’ve tried to date.

YOGAqua fuses stand-up paddleboarding with a vinyasa yoga flow. If you have never been on a paddleboard before, don’t worry! This 90-minute class includes a quick paddle instruction; a warm-up paddle along the docks, and an hour of yoga on the board.

Our workout started from the very beginning when we walked our paddle boards to the water. Thank goodness for upper body strength, because the boards were twice our size and it takes a lot to keep the board steady! The paddle lesson was a bit quick for our liking, but the two instructors were hands-on throughout the class. 

The class itself was amazing! Watching the group of boards sway gently and synchronized in the wind was a really cool sight to see. Trying to keep our balance on the paddleboard definitely tested our strength and flexibility. Overall, we loved this tranquil class and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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The Workout: Yogaqua 

Sweat Level
 💦💦of 5
Gear Needed?
They provide everything you need to hit the waves: A paddle board, a life jacket, and even bring their own camera to capture the experience for all participants.  You can completely unplug because you don't want your cellphone to go for a swim anyway! 

Studio Vibe:
Your soundtrack is mother earth. The gentle sounds of the wind blowing, ocean waves, and birds chirping are all very peaceful

Who to Bring?
Your friend who loves yoga and and is not afraid of the water. 

Would You Double Tap That?
Yes. This is a great option for when you need a special experience, staycation, or want to take a visiting friend for something different. 

Finesse Tip: While traditional workout gear will do, wear a swimsuit. It just makes sense. 

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