#FitGirlMagic: Marielle Porter

Whether at the gym or hitting the competition stage, Marielle, Owner of Made By Mari Fitness,  is living her best life helping others transform their dreams into reality!

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When we met Marielle at the Fit Expo Los Angeles, needless to say we were kindred spirits

From helping clients recover from a medical diagnosis to encouraging a competitor to live her wildest dream  by stepping on stage, Marielle is using fitness to promote positivity and self-love! 

That's why we love her as this month's #FitGirlMagic

How did you get into fitness?

I always wanted to do something in the fitness industry, but I wasn't always sure what exactly it would be. I obtained a degree in Exercise Science and started a nonprofit organization implementing physical activity in after-school programs to combat childhood obesity. I moved back home (to LA) and decided to work as a personal trainer temporarily (so I thought) Once I realized the impact I had on people, and their fitness lifestyle, I never looked back. I love what I do!

Describe your personal brand in three words.

Balance, Happiness, & Results 

What mission do you promote for women in fitness?

I promote self-love. If you are on your fitness journey for anyone besides yourself, you are doing it for the wrong reason. 


As a coach for fitness competitors,  how do you help women gain the confidence to get on stage?

I help women gain the confidence to get on stage by telling them the hardest part is done and the show is just the after party to your continued months of training! It doesn't matter how you place it just matters that you've made it this far and you're already winning with the transformation you've made.

Name three songs that currently gets you pumped for a workout'

"Last Time That I Checc'd" by Nipsey Hussle, "She Don't" by Ella Mai,  and "Nice For What" by  Drake

What piece of fitness advice do you find yourself repeating to your clients?

Be consistent! A lot of people want instant results and your body just doesn't work like that, but as long as you stay the course, give each day 100% you will reach your goal!

When you are not picking up weights, you are...?

I am probably on the couch with my dog, Oreo, or traveling! I just came back from my 2nd annual fitness retreat in Bali, Indonesia). Can you say AMAZING?!

Why is it important to have diversity in the fitness industry?

It' s good for people to see someone they can relate to on a personal level. Everyone is built different, with different circumstances, different starting points, different genetics, and different results, using different methods.


"Do what makes you happy! Because if it doesn't make you happy, why waste your precious time on it?" -- Marielle

You can follow Marielle and her amazing fitness journey on Instagram at @madebymarielle