#FitGirlMagic: Roz Jones

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When Roz decided to become a fitness instructor, she never imagined the doors it would open.

Her love and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals have taken her around the world.

Check out her story and why she is #FitGirlMagic goals. 

How did you get into fitness?

I always wanted to do something in the fitness industry,  but I wasn't always sure what exactly it was. I obtained a degree in Exercise Science and started a nonprofit implementing physical activity in after-school programs to combat childhood obesity. I moved back home to Los Angeles and decided to work as a personal trainer temporarily, or so I thought! Once I realized the impact I had on people and their fitness lifestyle, I never looked back I love what I do!

What piece of fitness advice do you find yourself repeating to your clients?
Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you're doing the seemingly impossible. 

Describe your personal brand in three words.
Balance, Happiness, & Results!  Fit, Life & Style! As women, and human beings in general, we want it all. I believe it is possible with a little intention. 

What is your biggest fitness struggle?
Staying excited about exercising when I am in-between training for specific events or goals And, swimming. My swimming level is at life-saving, but it is not pretty. 


Why is it important to have diversity in the fitness industry?
My passion is connecting people, and fitness is my venue to do that. Sweating it out, challenging yourself, friendly competitions and the vulnerable nature of fitness allows cross-cultural community building across all genders, races, ethnicities and economic status. Seeing the micro-connections happening on the field is so heartwarming to me. Although it's indirect, I feel group fitness truly breaks down barriers of race, gender, political, ethnicity, stereotypes and hatred...even if for the moment when trying to be the first team to finish 300 push-ups!

You can follow Roz and all her amazing fitness travel on Instagram at @rozfitlifestyle