#HauteHits: Christmas Edition


Last year, red training kicks were at the top of our list for fitness gifts we absolutely needed. This year, we haven’t figure out exactly what we are asking for, yet. However, we stumbled across Christmas music by Ying Yang Twins and it’s the gift we never knew we needed.

If you are like us, and your Christmas tree was up the day after Thanksgiving, this month’s playlist is for you. We have pulled together some classic and ratchet Christmas hits to get you through your next training session, or help you keep cool while finalizing your Christmas purchases.

Speaking of the holidays, we’ve had a few requests for holiday health challenges and workouts. Since the season is all about spending time with those you love the most, why not make that quality time all about being heart healthy this season? Here are some ideas:

  • Meet with friends at your local fresh, pressed juice shop.

  • Try out that new vegan restaurant with your aunt.

  • Contact your favorite studio and see if they’d offer a discount for you and a few friends to take a class together in lieu of your Christmas Eve party.

  • Sign the whole family up for a New Years Day 5K.

You can also check our our Christmas playlist by clicking below!