#HauteHits: Best of 2018


“I’m livin’ my best life…Turned all my Ls into lessons.”

-Chance the Rapper

We put in a lot of sweat equity this year, and our bodies thanked us for it. We saw muscle growth, increased endurance and ran a few extra miles. You put in a lot too. We saw it in your sweaty selfies and workout videos posted across our timelines.

We have seen more and more of a debate raging on whether gym time should be filled with music, or a time to shut it all off and get into your own thoughts. Well, the thought of that is a hard one for us to swallow. Our workouts are often centered around music most. It’s what gets us through that final mile or that last set of heavy lift days.

With only four days left until the New Year, we are sharing the songs that stayed on our gym playlists throughout 2018 .Check it out, then let us know what you would add.