Barry's Bootcamp: A Love Story


…Ladies, if you follow these instructions exactly,You might be able to find you a rapper, a NBA player...
Man, at least a dude with a car.

- Kanye West, The New Workout Plan

 I don't remember my first Barry's class, however, a look back at my account says this love story started in January 2015. What I do remember is what made me love the studio: the attentiveness of the front desk staff, the energy of the instructors that carried you through that 10.0 sprint, and how they each seem to perfectly craft their personal playlists (because, we all know music can make or break any workout). Okay, okay...the eucalyptus towels they have waiting at the end of class helped a lot too (because we are also peak-bourgeois over here at fit with finesse). I have lost count of the number of friends I drug along with me, but I can tell you most of them also ended up falling in love with Barry's too. 

One of my favorite memories along this #fitjourney was hosting a Barry's class for a few close friends, not too long after the Venice, CA studio opened. I was so excited to share something that I loved, but also challenged me, with my LA crew. It is the one studio I miss most now that I've moved, and I can't wait until the next time I'm in a city where I pop into the "red room of pain" for what will always be an empowering and challenging experience. 

Now that I'm done being dramatic, get into my full review of Barry's Bootcamp below:

Animated GIF-downsized.gif

"I always leave Barry's Feeling like a Straight bawse"

- CaCera

The Workout: Barry's Bootcamp

Sweat Level
 💦💦💦💦 of 5
Gear Needed?
Barry's covers it all. You may want to bring your own water versus paying for theirs, but like I said...eucalyptus towels!  
Studio Vibe
Depends on the taste of each instructor. A lot of top 40, pop and hip hop tunes

Who to Bring?
Your friend who is also a fitness lover, or the one who likes to hit the pavement

Would You Double Tap That?
Oh yeah! I did. Over and over, again.

Finesse Tip:
We've tried various Barry's locations - Sherman Oaks, Venice and San Diego in California to the Atlanta, GA studio. Barry’s is truly a workout that hurts so good. The chain has crafted a challenging, complete workout, in an empowering environment, and a great overall experience. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up with special classes and try different instructors and days to get a feel for your favorites.

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