Prevail Boxing: It's A Fight Party!


Let me see you get high, then go low
Now, girl, won't you drop that thing down to the floor?

- J. Cole, Work Out

Boxing is a challenging, fun workout that you can’t help but look cool while doing it. Prevail Boxing is one of our favorite studios yet! 

Our first time at Prevail was an awesome experience. When we walked into the building,  we were surrounded by motivational sayings on the walls and warmly greeted by the front desk staff.  How did they know we were new? Because they recognize almost all the faces that walk through the doors, which gives it a family feel. Also, because it was our first time we got complementary wraps, boxing gloves, along with a personal locker for the day, which was a nice touch!

Prevail’s signature class, SWEAT, is a high-intensity, full-body circuit workout that blends boxing, plyometrics,  core work, and strength training; and it definitely lives up to its name. 

 Never boxed before? No Problem! 

 Prevail puts your anxiety at ease with a 10-minute wrapping lesson and an introduction to the instructor, who guides you throughout the class to make sure you are kicking butt in good form! We love that every class has at least two instructors, the main and the support, so you never feel alone or out of place. 

With everything from Cardi B to Outkast blasting throughout the studio, you can’t help but feel like a warrior! We recommend giving this studio a try. We promise you won’t regret it! 

To prevail is to “prove more powerful than opposing forces” and that is how we feel every time we walk out of a Prevail Boxing class located in West Hollywood, CA. 

The Workout: Prevail Boxing

Sweat Level
 💦💦💦💦 of 5
Gear Needed?
Nothing your first time! Prevail provides you with the wraps, the gloves, and even a bottle of water! 
Studio Vibe
Baby it's all about that base! Hip Hop from all the eras and a sprinkle of Top 40! 

Who to Bring?
Your friend who loves to try different types of workouts or needs to get out a little frustration after work! 

Would You Double Tap That?
Yas! With a jab, a cross, and a hook! 

Finesse Tip: Show up 15 minutes early and they will wrap you hands for you! Also, parking is a bit of a drag, so we recommend going to one of the early classes to park at the KFC lot next door.  (ironic right?)

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