Cyclebar: Party Like A Rockstar


"When I'm in the spot, bruh, i party like a rockstar." - Shop boyz



We are SoulCycle enthusiasts, so our first trip to Cyclebar felt a little like cheating. But, much like the Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B debate, why can't there be room for both? Whether you are in a city that has one and not the other, are simply curious, or want to shop around for the atmosphere that best fits your personality, we are all the way here for both studios. So one cycle class is a cycle class is a cycle class, right? Wrong. Don't automatically assume the experiences will be the same. We are detailing the three standout factors of Cyclebar: 

  1. The workout. Cyclebar uses the Schwinn bike. Why does this matter? These bikes have an automated display screen that makes it easier to track your speed, ensure you are hitting the targets called out by the instructor, and keep track of how much resistance you are adding during the workout. Instead of light hand weights, the upper body portion of Cyclebar uses a body bar to work your bicep, triceps, chest, and back. Cyclers have the choice between four to six-pound bars. 
  2. The atmosphere. Cyclebar is all about that rockstar lifestyle. The class takes place in the cycletheater and is set up like part sanctuary and part rock concert. The low, red lighting definitely takes you into a zone. 
  3. The performance. Your assigned bike allows the tracking of your workout. Once class is over, stats like the calories you burned, your average rate per minute and power are emailed to you. This is a great way to keep up with your performance over time and track improvements. 

The Workout: Cyclebar


The Deets
An indoor cycling studio that takes place in a theater-style setting and music is the focus. From the moment the front desk team greets you, until class wraps, your 45-minute experience will leave you feeling like a rock star. 

Sweat Level
 💦💦💦 of 5
Gear Needed?
Just show up. The studio supplies shoes, water and towel. 
Studio Vibe
Low lights. Red lights. All of the lights? Throughout class the energy is high and you are made to feel apart of a unique, upscale experience. 
Who to Bring?
Your friend that is always up for a good time. 
Would You Double Tap That?
Yes.  It’s a great switch up from traditional cardio, like the treadmill. 
Finesse Tip
If you are in Memphis or North Mississippi, kick off your weekend with Cyclestar Will Coleman. His 5:30 a.m. Friday class is a hip hop party on the bike.