What's the Word?


“Dreams stopped being dreams when I turned ‘em into goals.”

-Big Sean

Many people struggle with New Year Resolutions, and we understand why. They are often lofty goals or statements with no clear timeline or detailed approach to making it happen. For this reason, we champion the idea of setting quarterly goals and chipping away at the bigger picture in small segments.

Last year, a lot of people ditched resolutions and chose one word to guide their year. We liked the idea of having a theme to align our quarterly goals, so this year we both chose words for 2019.

Before we share the words we choose for 2019, here are a few tips to help you determine your own word for the year:

  1. Carve out some quiet time. Grab a pen and paper, your favorite beverage of choice, then spend some time reflecting over the past year. Even say a prayer that God will lead you toward the path that he sees fit. Think about those things that energize you, and the things that you want to avoid because they drain you.

  2. Visualize. Build on your current thoughts by thinking through a normal workday and weekend. How do these make you feel? How do you want to feel at the end of the day, or what do you want to enjoy more of from your weekends?

  3. Start writing. Jot down a list of words that came to mind. Set your timer for five to 10 minutes and write everything that comes to mind. Don’t self-edit. Let your thoughts flow.

  4. Review your list. Is there a common theme among the words you wrote? Or any words that technically mean the same thing. Circle or highlight the three words that stick out to you most. Remember, your word doesn’t have to be an action. It can be an emotion, a feeling you want to keep with you, or a title.

  5. Choose the word you are most committed to. What word energizes you most? Maybe your word is “rockstar,” because you want to come out on top of everything you do this year. Maybe your word is “write,” because you finally want to start that book or blog. Maybe your word is “Rihanna,” because isn’t she a whole mood all the time?



The last few weeks of 2018 were a struggle for me. I am constantly on-the-go and I knew I needed to begin thinking about what I wanted to manifest over the next year, but nothing was coming to me. I also have to give the disclaimer, I’m very cynical about the “New Year, New Me” attitude that comes around this time of the year. I believe change can happen at any moment. However, I have been actively seeking ways to work smarter and more effectively, so I needed to rein in myself and all these thoughts in my head.

During a recent long drive, thoughts just started forming. I began thinking of how to spend time doing more of what makes me happy. Fit with Finesse has been an amazing journey so far. I’ve found myself wanting to build on the feeling the blog brings, so I chose the word CREATE. I want to spend time this year continuing to create a space for women of color in fitness, but also create more opportunities for women to come together and share. I also have goals around creating more opportunities for myself, creating a stronger bond with God and creating financial wealth. The word fit perfect and helped align other goals I’m currently working toward. Most important is how the word makes me feel, inspired and happy.

IMG_20180812_053721_249 (1).jpg


At the start of 2018, my two words were passion and intention. I manifested those two words with the launch of Fit with Finesse, a new gig as an assistant coach, and clarity about what makes my heart sing. The end of 2018 marked the closing of a chapter, a feeling of completion, and the knowledge that I could not continue moving forward without letting go of a few things. So, I don’t look at 2019 as “new year, new me” because I don’t want to forget all the trials and joys that got me to this place.

Instead, I’m building on my experiences and starting my new chapter with two additional words, THRIVE and FOCUS.

Up to this point, I was only surviving, doing just enough to inch forward without any real risk of failure. Now that I’ve identified my passion and set my intention, it’s time to focus on how I plan to thrive in 2019. Like CaCera, I want to create opportunities for women, who look like me, to thrive in their health and wellness journey. For myself, I want to live each day moving one step closer to the life God has planned for me. I'm looking forward to all the new year has for me, and I’ll be sure to share my journey with you all each step of the way.

Love and Light