Stay Strong, All 2019


“Write your own raps, make that your resolution.”

- Nicki Minaj

What Onika is really saying in this quote is, take control of your own destiny. (Yes, we know you just side-eyed us. LoL)

The new year comes with a wealth of new possibilities. We set goals to make new connections, get a handle on finances, finally go after that promotion, and get fit. In 365 days, you’ll look back and some of these goals will be achievements. Others may have slipped along the way. To be honest, that’s okay!

With the idea that strong is the new sexy, we’ve come up with a 12-month challenge that is focused on helping you stay on track with those fitness goals. Most important, it will provide changes to also check-in with yourself to see how you are progressing and take some pressure off. We’ve built a challenge for each month of 2019. Let’s get into it!



Try a Fun Workout.

We start the year with lofty goals to lose 15 pounds, build 10 pounds of muscle, or finally run that marathon. You can do it!! But don’t torture yourself to get there. Start the year with something fun. Take a dance class, go indoor rock climbing, finally take that spin class, or start the year with a stress-relieving kickboxing class. Beginning with something you enjoy puts you in a space to have a healthy relationship with the gym all year long.



Grab a Buddy for a Workout.

Take advantage of all the feelings of love and goodness by sharing a workout with a friend.



Check in with Yourself

Start a 30-day journal. Make one last push toward those first-quarter goals. Turn your phone off and head to yoga. Take a minute to just stop and check on your self. We often start the beginning of the year running around, but don’t let it tire you out.


Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Open the windows, turn on some Aretha Franklin, and clear out the clutter. Bring spring in the right way by de-cluttering your mind and your space. Sounds like a time for us to sort through our workout clothes and get rid of those that can’t take one more sweat.



Go Outdoors for a Hike

The sun is out and the temperatures are perfect. Get moving outdoors by organizing a hike and brunch for friends.



Try a Challenge

Bikini season is upon us! Yes, summer bodies are truly made in the winter, but there is still time to tone and tighten. Use this month to complete a 30-day plank or squat challenge before hitting the beach.


Get to Preppin’

Get intentional with your nutrition this month. Try one new recipe a week and make a goal to not eat out at least five days each week. Take stock of how much money you save over the next 31 days.



Find a New Space to Workout

Leave the gym behind and change your scenery this month! Check out a rooftop workout series in your city. Join a running group that meets at a local distillery. Do downward dog with dolphins (yes, this is a real thing to do in Vegas). Even make working out an added adventure on your summer vacation by booking experiences you haven’t tried before.



Make it a Self Care September

Get ready to close out the last quarter of the year strong! School is back in or maybe final projects are taking shape. Focus on wellness this month. Book a spa day. Check-in on your goals again. Take care of the best rock star you know. Y-O-U!



Lace Up Those Race Shoes

Hit the pavement! Sign up for a race, that Tough Mudder, or Spartan you’ve been debating all year to keep your goals alive and well before heading into the holiday season.



Bring a Vegan or Vegetarian Dish to Thanksgiving

Will you do friends-giving, or celebrate in a more traditional way? Sign up to bring a vegan or vegetarian dish to the table. Bonus points if you forgo a salad and introduce something healthy and still packed with flavor.


Finish Strong

There is no way to avoid the holiday parties and dinner dates with friends who are in town this month. Set yourself up for success by scheduling at least three workouts each week. If you normally work out in the evenings, try earlier morning workouts. Then allow yourself some wiggle room to enjoy time with friends and family.