#FitWithFinesse City Guide: San Antonio


Every city has its own vibe.

It just so happens my visit to San Antonio was during Interational Day of Yoga. Hundreds came out to enjoy yoga on San Antonio's River Walk

Hitting the road means it’s time to see what fit things are happening in other cities. A recent work trip took me to San Antonio., and it was so different from any other. I set out each morning to see what workouts I could get in before my day kicked off.

I honestly had no idea there was so much happening in San Antonio. The city is full of neighborhoods that each has its own vibe. The River Walk area that runs through downtown had some of the best Tex-Mex I’ve tried to date, and the Rio Cruises that ran along the area looked like a great way to get around.

The fitness scene was bustling too. I was in the city during National Day of Yoga. Yoga instructors rode into the River Walk area on a boat and led attendees through a traditional class right along the water. I was jealous I couldn’t join them!

As with all of our out-of-town #fitventures, deciding where to workout started with searching which studios had been named best in the city. Here’s the run down.


Rev Ride

Spin studios are taking over the fitness scene. They are always a go-to when I travel, because they are so easy to find and each one can have such a different vibe


Spin classes are always a go-to when I travel, because they are so easy to find and each one can have such a different vibe. The vibe at Revolution was warm and welcoming, and the music was blasting. I took Diane’s 5:30 AM class and she kept us going with a mix of electronic, hip-hop and 70s music. What I loved most was the helpfulness of the staff. The studio was a little further out than I expected, and I ended up arriving a little late. Class had already started but the front desk crew didn’t miss a beat. She sized up my seat settings using the sample bike in the lobby, took me to the side entrance of the room and got my bike set up (in the dark) with no issue.



I like to fit something hardcore into my workouts when traveling.

EnergyX Fitness

This small gym was a gem! I gave this gym a try on my last day in the city and I was exhausted. I signed up for the WarriorFit class and had no idea what to expect, but I knew I was not in the mood for plyometric, explosive work. This class was none of that. It was a great strength, circuit training session. My favorite type of workout. Danny led us through a very thorough warm-up and then we got into two circuits that consisted of wall ball squats, battle ropes, kettlebells and steel maces (my first time using in a workout and I loved it). We wrapped up with two group finisher exercises and we were out. Danny and his wife own the gym, and it’s clear the couple has not only put a lot of time and energy into it, but they are building their own unique community.


River Walk

Let's just lace up and go! 

River Walk Trail

My favorite thing to do in any new place is to lace up my shoes and go for a long walk. I feel that’s when you find the most interesting shops and places to eat, you get a feel for the vibe of the city and feel out the people. The River Walk Trail along downtown San Antonio was the perfect place for that. Our team had taken a short stroll the first night we arrived, but I went back out during our trip for a longer stroll. The area is lush, green and pretty quiet in the morning time. It was a great place to clear my head from what was a whirlwind trip before we packed up and headed home.

I would give San Antonio a second visit as a pit stop in route to Austin. The distance between the two cities is approximately one hour. The ceviche at Boudro’s Texas Bistro is reason enough for a second visit.