Walk This Way: Fit & Finessin' in Malibu


Walk it like I talk it.


- Migos

What do you get when you combine the fresh air of Malibu, a waterfall and the ruins of a few mansions? Our first Fit with Finesse event! To officially celebrate the blog’s launch, we invited a few friends to join us on a hike through one of our favorite trails, the Solstice Canyon Loop in Malibu, CA.


Solstice Canyon is peaceful, shaded and has plenty of interesting scenery along the way. The loop is a just over three miles and holds a little history. While enjoying a gentle hike to the waterfall you will pass the ruins of two homes that were destroyed by wildfires. The first is the Keller House, a stone hunting cabin built over one hundred years ago and was significantly damaged by a fire in 2007. The hike also takes you to The Robert’s Ranch house. The latter was designed by architect Paul Revere Williams in 1952.

Fact: In 1929, Williams became the first African American member of the American Institute of Architects and later designed a prominent landmark at the Los Angeles International Airport, the “LAX Theme Building (1961).”


While this was our first official event for the blog, it was nowhere near the first time we’ve brought our friends out for an excursion. Our LA tribe has been celebrating “Galentine’s Day” together for many years and we were reminded we got the girls together for the same hike in 2016. Check out a little throwback photo.

We are beyond grateful for those who came out to celebrate with us. Trust, they did not leave empty handed! The event would not have come together without some help from sponsors like Maxines Heavenly Cookies - a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO cookie that will satisfy the biggest sweet tooth. We also have to thank The Monogram Shop & More for our bags and Jeff Walters of Chronology Productions for the photos.

Memphis, you are up next! Be on the lookout for our next event, which will be coming your way this fall.