Power'd Up: Kettlebell Style


"No one (Bell) should have all thAt power.

- Kanye West x Fit with Finesse

When we think of kettlebells, we think of power. This one piece of equipment is another way to get in a quick, effective workout, and add a serious punch to your routine. Kettlebells offer a lot of variety and movement. Before you know it, you’ve knocked out a full-body workout.

We’ve had a few friends recently tell us that they are a little intimidated by the kettlebell because they don’t quite know how to use it. So, let’s dive a little deeper.

A kettlebell is a cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle. Kettlebells are used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility while strengthening your core and improving flexibility. Their numerous benefits include strength gain, endurance, and flexibility. The bell forces you to do more work involving your stabilizing muscles to create explosive movements with the bell.

As always, pick the weight that works best for you. We recommend working with the same size for about two weeks at a time, and then challenging yourself to level up. They are great for getting in a good explosive, cardio burst, or slowing down to strengthen and tone. As you can see, the world is yours to conquer when it comes to kettlebells.


Give this circuit, aimed at increasing strength, a try this week. 

Go for 3 rounds and 12-15 reps of each (push yourself by going for 20-25 of those kettlebell swings). Scroll down for demos of some of the moves. You will want to push yourself by going with a heavier kettlebell for this set. 

Head over to our Instagram page for demos of some of the moves. This is just the first of many kettlebell tutorials. Stay tuned for an upcoming kettle bell workout that is more explosive and cardio-centric, coming your way next month!