Stay Ready: Tips for Building that Summer Body this Winter


“Girl why you never ready? For as long as you took, you better look like Halle Berry…”

-Jay Z

For most people that have a consistent fitness routine, taking one week off from the gym won’t set you back too far physically. However, within two weeks of inactivity, aerobic conditioning starts to decline. Recommitting to a health and wellness routine after life has taken over is often more of a mental struggle than a physical one. The fall season is a great time to recommit.

If you need a little motivation to get back on track, or getting off the starting block, try implementing the tips below:

Start slow.

One of the quickest ways to burn out on a fitness routine is going balls to the wall too soon. Give your body time to adjust to your new routine.  We recommend committing to a workout frequency in two-week intervals.

Suggestion (Week One & Week Two)

Schedule two to three 30-min workouts per week, check out our posts Back 2 Da Basics and Bands ah Make Her Dance for some workout ideas. You may be tempted to increase the time or frequency, but remember, these first two weeks are to ease yourself back into a routine. In fact, more studies are showing shorter workouts can be more effective. We find fewer reasons to not commit to just 30-minutes a day. Shorter, strenuous workouts focused on high intensity interval training are also shown to improve cardiovascular endurance. After the first two weeks, feel free to increase your workout to 45-minutes and max out at 60-minute workouts as you see fit.  

Set a goal that has nothing to do with weight loss.

Without a goal in mind, the gym and more hardcore classes can seem intimidating. One way to inspire you get starting is to find an event or achievement outside of weight loss. Are you looking to run your first 5k or Spartan Race?   Or maybe you want to take your routine to the next level and enter a marathon or fitness competition. It could even be something simple as joining your local park’s softball or flag football team. Knowing what it is you want to achieve and giving yourself a definite endpoint, will help you figure out how you should be spending your time and pinpoints a clear place to start.

Be creative.


Yes, we are saying it again! Mix up your workout routine. You’ve been lifting heavy, or running your heart out and the last thing you want to do is head to the gym for another session. Don’t do it! Maybe you need to switch up your scenery and hit the nearest trail for an outdoor run. Or, just get your body moving in another way. Check out a new class. Clip into a bike for a bass-pumping, and lights low spin class. Make sure you are enjoying your workout routine and giving yourself rewards to look forward to that will keep you motivated.

Fuel yourself for success.

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Now that you have your goals set, create a grocery list and meal plan that works with your body. If you are looking to build muscle, make sure you are getting enough protein each week. Add a little beef to your routine, or snack on an orange. If you want to run longer and stronger, fill your cart with foods that sustain energy like bananas, yogurt and hummus. Check out our meal planning tips here or check out “The Lab” section for recipe ideas. It’s important to commit to one small change a week.  Swap your morning cup of creamy coffee for green tea and honey. Make sure you eat breakfast each morning and drop the pastry for a filling cup of oatmeal. The week after, cut out snacking after 7:00 p.m. Small tweaks can set you up for big success in the long run.

Find what motivates you.

Do you work out better when you have a partner along? Maybe the only way you can get through a run is with the right music. Stay ready with playlists on deck, (Check out our favorite playlists!) an extra pair or workout clothes on your backseat, or a friend you can dial when you need an extra push.