Back 2 Da Basics


“I’m about to take everybody back to the basics.”


The first day of fall is approaching. School is back in session. Those summer Fridays are behind us. For most of us, that means we’ve resumed some sort of routine. And while we are never happy to see summer go, there is something refreshing about getting back on a set schedule.

Somewhere in those lazy days of summer, between the vacations and bar-b-ques, you may have let your fitness routine slide a little too. Remember that little saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter?” We are here to help you get back on track and ease into some basic workouts.


I love jumping rope. Not only does it give me schoolyard greatness, but it's also a great way to get a workout in anywhere and get your body temperature up in a short amount of time. Did you know, I have a friend who lost 25 pounds, just from jumping rope? If that's not proof that this simple exercise is effective, I don't know what to tell you! Below is is a jump rope routine to get you started! "Alexa, play "Walk It Like I Talk It by the Migos.

#FinesseTip: Add the Back 2 Basics Lower Body Burnout for a 16-Minute Short & Sweet Sweat Session



I definitely do not thrive when it’s hot and humid outside. I love this time of year because the cooler temps get me out of the gym and onto those outdoor trails. I have my eyes on a few races around town, and hope to move some of my circuit training outside. The treadmill routine should get your ready for those trails. And since the word on Instagram is “summer bodies are made in the winter,” the circuit below will get you conditioned in no time.

#FinesseTip: Play around with variations to up the sweat factor in the circuit workout. A few examples include adding a push-up to the end of those inchworms, or holding 10+ lb. weights while performing the squats and lunges.